And it happened in this way!!

In the name of God and thank Him for creating the people whose hearts are enlightened with Love.


In the name of God and thank Him for creating the people whose hearts are enlightened with Love.

Three years after my parents’ death, we thought to do something as memorial for them. At first, for memorial of our deceased dears, we thought to support a few number of orphan and bad supervised students as much as we can, lest poverty impede them of their education. Hence, we talked to the principal of the school in vicinity of my parents’ house and after identification of some students we started to support them.

At that time, we were not thinking about developing the movement, till one of our neighbors introduced a 16-year-old girl whose father was mentally and psychologically ill. He told that: “this man is going to give his girl to an old man in turn of a few money”. God helped us and we talked to the girl’s father and he consented to let his girl continue her education and we pay her in ratio of her education.

After a couple of years we recognized that the girl is a genius and this motivated us to develop activities of Moud Charity Institute.

Now the girl is being graduated in Medical Science.

Currently Moud Institute works with permit No 516.1.1369 and Registration No:35452. With God’s grace and with the aid of benefactors, the institute has been able to support a few number of children of the country, preventing them of dropout. Those children who joined the institute some years ago, are now strong youth who continue their education in the university or have been graduated, having suitable social position and now they are supporting the Institute.

Moreover, the institute with implementation of benefactor children program tries to join the children in the institute who are at better financial condition aiming at training and developing Charity Culture. These dears, as representative of the Institute,   try to collect their relatives’ donations.

In this way, benefactor children not only achieve developed personality, but also help the unlucky children live in peace and study at the mercy of their presence.

It is these cases which stimulate Moud members to develop its activities and support more children and this goal cannot be achieved except by grace of God and benevolent and benedictory peoples’ support.

Services provided to the help seekers conditioned to continue their education:

-identification and formation of profile specially designed for orphan and bad supervised students

-providing help seekers with their education charges

-distributing food basket on 20th day of each month

-settlement of tuition specially for school and university students

-providing educational books and pamphlets

-creating job opportunities for mother as much as possible

-holding recreational and educational tours for help seekers

-providing cloths and writing materials

-promoting and preparing household equipment as much as possible

-providing a part of housing charges

-and some other related affairs

We aim to eliminate probable obstacles on the way of education of these dears.

Best regards

Aazam Haj Yousefi


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